Javarí Discovery


-2 days/1 nigths,

3 days/2 nigths,

4 days/3 nigths,

5 days/4 nigths


Our tour to the natural reserve of Zacambu allows you to get deeply in touch with the Amazon Jungle. If you want to explore the wilderness and feel real adventure this is the right tour for you. Especially for groups and families this tour is perfect.  traditional private boat takes you up the River Javari, there in the Jungle one of the few families living that upstream welcomes you. With your tour guide and together with a local guide you get a complete amazon experience due the various activities this place has to offer. Camping in the jungle or in the summer beaches, watching dolphins during the day and caimans in the night and fishing for piranhas and all this right in middle of the Amazon Jungle make that this tour is an unforgettable experience for people from all over the world.


The natural reserve of Zacambu is situated about three to four hours away from Leticia; the time differs depending on the season. In a private boat, you go downstream the Amazon River and then head upstream one of the most important Peruvian side arms of the Amazon in this region, the river Javari.

In Zacambu are just a few family living, which dedicated themselves for the last 15 years receiving tourists from all over the world. Doing so they adapted there houses in simple but more than suitable way to make your stay comfortable; beds with mosquito nets, a common area to relax, modest bathrooms and a simple but clean kitchen.

A family ambient allows that the interaction with the forest turns out to be an even more special, as coming back to a comfortable place with good food after the daily activities gives each day a very special touch.

Staying in Zacambu there are various activities waiting for you. You can choice on them or if you have enough energy and time, you can enjoy all of them. The day hikes hold the possibility to learn from local guides about the different species of plants. There are several eatable wild fruits, lots of plants and trees used in construction and an astonishing amount of medical plants, which the different tribes living in the area of the amazon are still using. If you are lucky, you could spot all kind different animals like monkeys, sloths, numerous species of birds, insects and spiders. In the night,you go hiking but this time trying to find animals just by the reflection of their eyes. Spotting a small red or white dot you might found a caiman resting alongside the riverbed,a group of night active monkeys or a big Tarantula waiting for their prey to pass by.

The guides share their vast knowledge with you so that you get a basic understanding of the ecosystem, the flora and the fauna and the interaction of them in the amazon. As well if you already have a quite amplified knowledge and want to have a more profound tour regarding the information it is possible to do so.

Experiences likewatching a group of free-living monkeys jumping above your head from branch to branch, spotting a family of amazing pink dolphins passing by the boat or even catching a small caiman to define its sex,are not only giving you the chance to take a great photo. Those moments give you goosebumps and an image in your mind, which you never forget. They could also affect you even more intensely, so that together with the explanations of your guide an admiration and love for this unique ecosystem is created within you.

Staying in the lodge, you enjoy typical local dishes, obviously, if needed we can adapt the food to special needs, if told upfront. Furthermore going fishing, you yourself can support the whole group. Fishing is one of the activities, as it is a fundamental activity of the local population, where you as tourist have a direct connection with the local live and habits. Fishing with a simple fishing rod, Bolantin, malla or caña, assisted by your guide so that this activity is not only interesting and exiting but also save, gives you the chance to get a glimpse of what is going on underneath the brown water of the local rivers. Moreover, it can end in a quite delicioustasting of local fish like the piranhas o catfish.

In the evening apart from experiencing the excitement and maybe evena bit of fear hiking in the pitch-black night, you could camp out in the forest, if you are adventurous enough to do so. It definitely makes you feel the mystic of this place even more intense. In the middle of the forest, you build your camp and then maybe still go out to watch caimans or to do a night hike in the forest. Searching and finding the black or white caiman is one of the emotional parts of the tour.  Going out at night in your small boat, knowing that around you there are those powerful animals probably starring at you, that there could be one close, down in the water, next to the boat creates a feeling of respect and excitement. Thankfully, to the experience and knowledge of your guide, this experience is again save. Maybe he is also able to catch a smaller one of those powerful animals for you, so that you can face them and even touch them. Later on that night when the bonfire is already dying and you are resting in your hammock underneath the mosquito net, probably you think about all the different impressions of the day listening to unknown sounds.Depending the time of the year, the rivers also holds another great experience. Swimming in the rivers and even walking in the summer beaches allows you to feel even closer to the majestic and mystic Amazon River.

In some moments during your tour, the silence and tranquillity astonish you and touch you in a way, which never would be possible in a populated environment. In those moments, you focus completely on the captivating and enchanting sounds of the forest, which is never sleeping and always talking.

As Zacambu is situated in the border of Peru, Brazil and Colombia,in the middle of the Amazon Forest, it is a small cultural melting pot. The local families living here are showing characteristics special for this frontier culture like the mixture of the two languages Portuguese and Spanish.

Due to its locations, this place holds aside from the astonishing nature and miraculous animals also a cultural component, which is unique for this area. Without difficulties, your stay here becomes as unique and special as this area itself.

What is included in the tour?

The transport from Leticia to Zacambu and the return in a private boat

  • All meals and drinks except from any alcoholic drinks
  • a translator
  • a personal guide for the whole time of the tour and additional local guides
  • a health insurance

Which activities can you do?

  • Spotting Dolphins
  • Fishing with fishing rod
  • Hiking during the day and at night
  • Camping in the forest
  • Camping in the beach (just in the summer month possible)
  • Listening to traditional tales and histories

 Additional Activities 

  • Visiting the communities Benjamin Constanz or Islandia
  • Visiting the community Aldea to see Monkeys and Anacondas
  • Crossing the half island Gamboa (6 hour walk with overnight camping)

*tip for the adventures type of groups and groups who enjoy hiking*

Packing List – What should you take with?

Please try to back light, everything you do not need we can safely store in the La Jangada.

  • flash light
  • repellent
  • sun blocker
  • light long cloth
  • rubber boots (you get those from La Jangada o directly in the community)
  • long socks for the rubber boots
  • flip flops or light shoes for the village
  • comfortable cloth for the village bathing cloth
  • a hat or cap for the sun
  • camera
  • plastic backs for your cloth and valuables in case of rain during the hike
  • a rain coat or a second set of cloth to change them in case of rainfall