Loma Linda – The Natural Reserve of Napw Meechi

This tour offers the complete spectrum of the Amazon. You have the possibility to explore the Amazon River and the Amazon Forest as well as getting to know the normal live in a small indigenous community. Exiting and at the same time profoundly relaxing days are waiting for you The indigenous village of Loma Linda is situated approximately 50 Minutes upstream taking a public boat from Leticia. It is a small indigenous community with 277 people. The vast majority of them belong to the Ticunan tribe that is why it is also called Mapw Meechi, which in their own language, called Ticuna, means Beautiful Hill. Just next to the jungle you will discover small wooden, houses surrounded by fruit trees and flowering bushes, free walking chicken and dogs, little children playing in front of the houses, chatting families sitting outside underneath big trees, fisherman coming back from work shouldering their catch of the day, small family owned vegetable gardens surrounding the village.

Furthermore, all the energy is coming from a solar power plant, which gives the village from 6 am to 10 pm green electricity not disturbing the sounds of nature. This tour offers the most complete spectrum of the Amazon. As staying in Loma Linda gives you not only the opportunity to spend a few days in an outstanding community within a wonderful local family.  From your very first moment, you feel at home and part of the family. You enjoy the delicious food of Regina the caring heart of the community. You listen to the stories of Hernando, who founded this gorgeous place and who always is smiling. You will be sleeping in the house of Roberts’s older brother Oscar from where it is about 100 meters into the jungle. Relaxing in a hammock in front of the house you can enjoy the sound of the nature and an amazing view. Therefore, during your stay you can go out on the river in a traditional boat spotting grey and even the extraordinary pink dolphins and go fishing. You can go hiking both during the day and even during the night to learn from your guide  about medical plants, poisonous animals, religious beliefs and survival in the jungle. Spiders, monkeys, electric eels, caimans, frogs, ants and much more are waiting for you.

You can camp in the jungle, around a campfire then you can get to listen some traditional tales. Later you can enjoy a great dinner sitting in the middle of the Amazon Forest. When you go to bed you sleep with the sounds of countless insects, hundreds of frogs and maybe some night monkeys jumping in the canopy of the trees just above your heads. The next morning you wake up by the sounds of the countless birds giving a very special concert every day early in the morning.We are sure that you will fall in love with this place and its people because the very first time I came to Loma Linda this is what happened to me. You will not only take plenty of great memories back home you will also leave Loma Linda with the desire to come back!

 The transport from Leticia to Loma Linda and the return, a person picks you up from the La Jangada and brings you back to us. All meals and drinks except from any alcoholic drinks. A translator if needed.  A personal guide for the whole time of the tour. A health insurance

 Spotting Dolphins. Fishing with fishing rod or traditional net. Hiking during the day and at night. Camping in the jungle. Camping in the beach (just in the summer month possible). Listening to traditional tales and histories. Cooking traditional meal. Visiting the local primary school to share your culture or language

o Visiting the Monkey Island additional cost of 30.000 Pesos. Visiting Puerto Nariño and the lake Tarapoto 150.000 Pesos per group.

Please try to back light, everything you do not need we can safely store in the La Jangada.

 Repellent.flash light. Sun blocker. Light long cloth. Rubber boots (you get those from La Jangada o directly in the community). Long socks for the rubber boots. Flip flops or light shoes for the village. Comfortable cloth for the village bathing cloth.  A hat or cap for the sun. Camera. Plastic backs for your cloth and valuables in case of rain during the hike. A rain coat or a second set of cloth to change them in case of rainfall.